~ “Please do not understand me too quickly.” ~ Andre Gide

Writing a poem is an act of surrendering the ego to the Unknown. Each new poem, if it has any power, drives us deeper into unpredictable, incomprehensible and unsettling territory.

It takes courage to go there naked with a blindfold on (i.e., ego-less), trusting only the muses to guide us, with no guarantees of what we’ll bump into or bring back — and knowing that whatever it is, it isn’t ours but theirs; it doesn’t come from us, ‪‎but them

Ultimately, the mature poet must come to understand and accept this hard-to-take fact: he is not the writer of the poem….it is.


6 thoughts on “MY POETIC CREDO

  1. Yes. But I’m saying a lot more about the poetic process than just “feeling, not thinking.” Actually what I’m writing about is neither “thinking” NOR “feeling.” It’s about being EGO-LESS and open to THEIR voices and not my own, whether from my thinking or feeling states of personal consciousness.

    My credo is summarized by it’s last sentence, to which I refer you again: “Ultimately the mature poet must accept and understand this truth: HE is not the author of the poem…..IT is.” Notice i’m not speaking of the poet’s intellect or feelings.

    Thanks for not “understanding me too quickly” as Gide asked his own readers not to do. 🙂


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