About the Poet, L.G. Corey

“My poetry is concerned with process, not content, with how I say it, rather than with what I say. Neither does it have any intended meaning, other than its interior form and structure. It seeks neither to inspire nor move the reader, but only to briefly disrupt their aesthetic state-of-consciousness, much as an acid trip might — and even that, for no apparent reason.”  ~L.G. Corey       

I’ve written  four books of poetry, all published or about to be published by Platypus Press, Ltd. (England). They are The Kalidas Verses, Sausalito Poems, Rats’ Alley Poems, and Shards of Glass, an anthology of my collected works compiled by the editors of Platypus Press.

My individual poems regularly appear in print and online literary magazines here and abroad such as Unlost: A Found Poetry Review, Dead Snakes, Corvus Review, The Literary Commune, Danse Macabre (France), Kalyna Review (the Ukraine), Hot Tub Astronaut (Scotland), California Journal of Poetics, Red Savina Review, Chaffey Review, Poetry Pacific, Empty Sink, Snapping Twig, FUG.UES, Rogue Poetry Review, Miller’s Pond, Screech Owl, Pif: A Journal of Art & Technology, Beloit Poetry Journal, Evergreen Review, Midstream, Choice, the Critic, and Zeek, among others both here and abroad.

In addition, my work has been selected for inclusion in three yearly poetry anthologies: RoguePoetry Review (2015); FUG.UES: An Anthology of Minimalist Poetry, Haiku, and Asemic Writing; and the Snapping Twig Year-End Anthology. I give frequent public readings of my poems (and those of other poets such as T.S. Eliot) some of which you can listen to at the following links:

o L.G. COREY READS FROM HIS SAUSALITO POEMS  http://www.donmeh-west.com/audio/special_topics/80th_Birthday_Celebration_Poetry_Reading_By_Reb_Yakov_Leib_Hakohain.mp3

o READINGS FROM THE KALIDAS VERSES BY L.G. COREY http://www.donmeh-west.com/audio/special_topics/L.G._Corey_Reads_From_His_Poetry_Collection_The_Kalidas_Verses.mp3

o THE POETRY OF T.S. ELIOT READ BY L.G. COREY http://www.donmeh-west.com/audio/special_topics/T_S_Elliot_Poetry_Reading_by_L_G_Corey.mp3

Finally, I do not write a poem to advance myself, but to advance the poem. For me, writing a poem is an act of surrendering the ego to the Unknown. Each new poem, if it has any power, drives us deeper into unpredictable, incomprehensible and potentially disturbing transpersonal territory. It takes courage to go there naked with a blindfold (i.e., ego-less), trusting only the muses to guide us, with no guarantees of what we’ll bump into or bring back — and knowing that whatever it is, it isn’t ours but theirs; it doesn’t come from us but them.



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