neither wheels nor circles
within the wheels and circles.

but the wheel revolves,
the circle turns,

and the sun sets
on my Emerald City.

Big Bear Mountain



“It is amazing to read the many verses that I swear tumble and turn into optical illusions with constant new images page after page. Poetry is always seeking original style, form and shift of order, and the time is right for The Kalidas Verses.” ~ Caite Bonham

“This is one poetry book that never ceases to amaze me! Just when I think it can’t get better, the next poem blows me away farther than the last! “~ Matthew Greenlee




Corey is a poet who has trodden his own path in life; consequently his unique style is hard to categorise. And of course, that is where his work’s truest quality lies. ~ Matthew J. Hall

The imagery of the collection blends the wildness of nature, the dark mischief of classic fairy tales, and high mythology of the Bible, all distorted through the crass and gritty lens of early 1960s California. ~ David Nilsen

[Corey is] a special poet with a unique writing style that will leave the reader mesmerized and astonished. ~ Jay L. Reynolds




#Second edition.


metal on metal.
glass on glass.

screech upon screech
from glass upon metal
and metal on glass.

      owl screech
      traffic screech
      sister screech

in the tree,
the stone, the earth.

in the leaf,
the anthill,
the beehive.

in the trail of

dropping from
the Palm of Deborah
along the Path of Birnam Wood

under the shadow of the Son of Man


fills a volume of space

just as water
fills a jar

or silence
the closed mouth.

invisible to the eyes,
visible to the ears,
the nostrils,
the pores.

sound is and is not,
like the breath
or the fragrance of hair
or a touch on the skin

by a stranger in the dark.


Stephen Hawking on the Beach

in the mind
a day is a thousand years,

seeing but unseen,
moving but unmoved

a watch in the night,
on the sea in the night

a night without moons
without spears,
without watchers
in the night

of tigers burning,
burning bright,
in the watches of the night

in the seasons of the witch
in the attic of the mind.


1. Philiip Glass, Einstein On the Beach
2. Psalm 90:4
3. Isaac Bashevis Singer, Gimpel the Fool
4. William Blake, The Tyger
5. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Theologian’s Tale
6. Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon:
7. Donovan, Season of the Witch


on a mountain.

in the corner.

and under the table,

a fortress of distance
under the table.

a separation of dead air
under the table.

and the song of a dead canary
coming from the pantry

under the table.


MR. ELIOT, HE DEAD: Remixed Poem

dead men’s bones
litter the alleys
with the pearls
that were their eyes

while the evening
spreads across the skies
like a fresh cadaver
on a dinner table,

like a baker’s dozen
short the 13th Dane,
or an ebb without a flow,
or a bang without a whimper.


SOURCES: T.S. Eliot, The Wasteland; The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock; The Hollow Men. William Shakespeare, Hamlet.